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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Counting down: 2 weeks

We're leaving in two weeks and mayor things (visa and flight) are arranged, now it's time for the a health check: dentist, vaccinations and other drugs.

My appointment with the dentist is made for next week and yesterday I got the typhus vaccination, although I didn't think I really nedeed. The vaccination lasts for three years and my last one was on August 2008, but as we say in Spain "mas vale prevenir que curar".

Now I'm preparing my "pharmaceuticals travel kit", well just replacing the ones which expired. I got the kit from Laura, one of my travel fellows in India, when she was going back to Spain (and I was staying in India alone for almost 3 weeks). Since then this little bag has travelled a lot: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, South Africa, ... Even if it seems like a huge amount of drugs, they perfectly fit in the bag.

Things which should be always in your kit:
  • Sterile kit including needles, syringes and suture kit
  • scissors, band-aids, tape, bandages, safety pins, antiseptic (betadine),
  • anti-diarrhoeals (Loperamide), antibiotics for diarrhoea (Ciprofloxacin) and oral rehydration solution (Gastrolyte)
  • paracetamol, ibuprofen
  • Antibacterial cream, purified water

Friday, 25 March 2011

India, here I go again..

After almost a month I got my business visa for India, it's not that easy to get one if you are not Dutch. I had to go in person to the Indian Embassy in Den Haag. They said for a "personal interview", but I found it was just to waste my time: after witing for almost 40 minutes, someone just asked me three questions and answered himself by reading the papers :( 

Last time I had no issues, probably because it was a turist visa and I applied in Spain. Even if I wasn't living there at that time, no one asked for a proof of residence.

Whatever!! I got my passport including visa back and we have already booked the flights.

Almost ready to leave!!!