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Sunday, 13 May 2007

13 May - Delhi - Varanasi

At 02:35 p.m. we´ll catch the flight to Varanasi.

Today we´ll stay at http://www.scindhiaguesthouse.com/

In the morning we're visiting the Red Fort and for a while Esther and me were the attraction :)
Esther was sitting while she was taking a picture of me, an Indian boy appeared on my side trying to be on the photo and acting like we was taking a photo of to guys closed to Esther... they wanted to take a picture of us... I sat also with Esther and the Indians began to take pictures of us. Also an old couple asked for a photo!!

In the evening we went to Varanasi. 1,5 hours plane, we get cookies and water, nice low cost plane!!!

In the taxi from the airport, I get my first Hindi lessons from a young Indian guy. We was very happy to explain me how to said "where do you want to go" = ap ka kahna ... hee??? I have forgotten :(

The hotel in Varanasi it’s like a 5 stars in comparison with the one in Delhi. Rooms have balcony with view to the Ganges, are clean and shower is also good :)

In the evening we went to ganga fuji restaurant, the owner were explaining us every meal. For the rest was the first Indian meal, for me not because I get the day before something.. I also tried the mango lassi, a drink made of milk and mango and I’m still alive!!!

Here you realize how you change when you feel it's dirty, we don't each much because everything looks dirty and everywhere smells really bad. For an idea: my breakfast was 2 bananas, lunch 3/4 of a sandwich Laura didn’t' like and the dinner at these restaurant.. And I’m the one who is eating at most!!!

After dinner a man took as to his house in order to show us silk things. We spent there almost two hour, after 5 minutes we had a lot of sarees in every color hanging over us.. At the end we just bought scarfs for 350 inr because we wanted to leave without buying the 4500inr sarees, after a lot of negotiation we could get 2 sarees for 2000 instead 9000... Bargain here it's very important :)