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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Going home

The boarding just started.15 hours ahead

Friday, 6 May 2011

'Ta Ta India!'

I just checked out and as soon as the taxi is here, I'll leave for the airport. Long journey ahead and already tired :(

Why did I have to leave Ooty?

I had an amazing long weekend in Hampi and I thought nothing will be more relaxing, but Ooty was. I spent there my last two days a.d it was fantastic!
Well it started and ended not that good: in Metupalayam there was not much accommodation available and after waking up at 5:45, the toy train was not working. On the other hand the journey from there to Bangalore was stressful.
But the two days there really worth it. Wednesday I took the train to Coonoor: 1 hour for 16 km. It's a scenic journey and i took around 120 pictures. In the evening I joined two Danish guys for dinner at the savor hotel (taj) and met there a Australian girl. For once I was enjoying the colonial life ;) Thursday I joined them again for a hiking tour through tea plantations, amazing landscapes and views!

To Ooty

Today I'm trying to get to Coimbatore by train, from there to Metupalayam by bus and tomorrow the toy train to Ooty. I'll have to "be nice" to the station master in order to get a ticket (and wake up very early). I hope It's worth it.
But first I'm going for sightseeing here.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Train II

Complaining about peak time?

"Platform number 3, hurry up!"

That was the answer this morning to "ernakulam?". I got earlier to the train station and a passenger train was already there. As everyone else, I crossed from 1 to 3 through the rails instead of the bridge, otherwise I wouldn't have made it ;) I got the perfect seat: emergency window, sitting alone. In each stop the.train was getting crowded and crowded until people was hanging in the door. Maybe because of the heat rather than the space. I could feel the heat from all the people, when the train wasn't moving it was not nice. I can't imagine being in the middle of that crowd!
It took almost two hours to get to ernakulam, but the journey was interesting as well as the landscape.

Once in fort cochin i looked for a place to stay and afterwards I decided to reward my feet for the much work they have done: pedicure and massage. To close the day, dance show :)
After a couple of power cuts, It's time to sleep